About us

E-shop Miobchod.cz works from 2014.
As the name of the store suggests, we specialize in Chinese Xiaomi brand goods. We are engaged in the import and sale of small electronics and its accessories.

We have been selling sports cameras, fitness bracelets, power banks, or headphones, for example. All of these products are imported from China and are original from Xiaomi.

Probably the most widespread is the sale of accessories, whether for the electronics sold in our e-shop, or Xiaomi mobile phones. This accessories are in most original casses, but you can also find Kingma products (camera accessory) or other kinds of other accessories. Do not be afraid, however, if the accessory is not original, it is always listed. On the contrary, if something is called original Xiaomi - you can rely on the authenticity of the product.

In 2016, we started selling phones as well, but only some of the special LTE versions of Xiaomi. We have to say, that we are doing well and happy customers can buy original accessories for these phones.

Thanks to excellent contacts abroad, not only in China, we are able to obtain goods for our customers that they will not find anywhere else. We thank these loyal customers, who are not afraid to contact us even if they didn´t find something on the site. We are always willing to find out if the desired product would go and at what price.

After-sales service your phones to the next day, if there is a broken part on the store, more HERE

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Marek Látal
Hekrova 821/1
149 00 Praha 4 Háje

VAT ID: CZ8611120210 WE ARE VAT

Email: eshop@miobchod.cz
Phone: 724 709 958 (10:00-18:00)

Bank number:
209212397/0600 Moneta Money bank

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Marek Látal Hekrova 821/1 14900 Praha 4 

Phone number: +420724709958
E-mail: eshop@miobchod.cz

We do not have a store, personal handover only by phone agreement.