We prefer GoPay

GoPayGoPay is a Czech, modern, fast, internet payment system with a high level of security. It offers payment via electronic wallet and all the most popular payment methods on the Czech Internet within a single user interface. GoPay is your payment partner with the guarantee of a trusted and secure payment environment.

With GoPay wallet, you get benefits

GoPay wallet offers an electronic version of a common wallet for small daily payments. No more personal information, no hidden charges, with GoPay wallet a few clicks and you can immediately buy. Fast. Easily. Free. Anytime. Try GoPay wallet at https://www.gopay.cz

The main benefits of GoPay wallet:

  • establishment and free use
    registration without passing sensitive data and bank account number
    fast recharging and instant payments
    payments to any bank account
    ideal for paying small amounts
    ideal as an Internet casino for the youngest users
    meets all safety standards

How to easily pay wit GoPay

1. Choose a good / service

Choose the merchandise / service you are interested in on the website of the online store.

2. Confirm your order

On the internet store page fill in the data and confirm the order of the selected goods / service.

3. Choice of payment method

The GoPay Payment Gateway window opens, where you choose the preferred payment method tab.

4. Make a payment

Go to the GoPay payment gateway according to your chosen payment method. After you make a payment, you will be redirected back to the website of the online store.

5. Order execution

The payment is automatically executed and the order of the selected goods / service is immediately processed by the online store.